Divide  Volunteer Firefighter Academy

Volunteer firefighters for the Georgetown Fire Department must go through the Tri-District Basic Firefighter Academy or must be FireFighter 1 certified. Prior to attending the academy, a potential recruit needs to fill out an application and then, once the application has been reviewed and approved, the applicant will attend a screening meeting. Upon the approval of the screening committee, the applicant will be invited to attend the Tri-District Basic Firefighter Academy.

Tri-District Basic Firefighter Academy

Conduct and Demeanor

The Tri-District Basic Volunteer Firefighter Academy is a rigorous, pre-service training experience. The Standards of Conduct at the academy require the student to observe a high degree of self discipline.

The majority of training classes will be conducted at the Georgetown Fire Training Ground. Instruction in specialized subjects, such as practical problems, will be held at other training facilities. It is important that students conduct themselves in a professional manner at all time. Misconduct by students reflects poor maturity and lack of respect for his/her fellow students.

Minimum Academic Standards For Completion

Minimum of 80% is required on all core classes and final examinations. Students who fail to achieve the required 80% minimum will be issued a failing grade.

Core Examinations: PPE, SCBA. Hose. Ladders. Rope and Knots, Haz-Mat FRO, ICS.

One retest is provided for core classes. No retest is given for the final examination.

Upon notification of a failure to pass a core class, students must contact a Field Coordinator within 3 days to schedule a retest date and time. The retest date and time is dependent upon availability of facilities and staff.


Students must maintain an average of 80% or better on all quiz scores. Students falling below the 80% average will be placed on Academic probation. Students will have the next three quizzes to raise their average to the required 80%. The 80 standard must be maintained. If the 80 average is not maintained the student will receive an academic withdrawal from the Academy.

Practical Skills Testing

Scoring on the practical skills is “Pass/Fail”. After being informed of the reason for the failure, students will be provided thirty minutes for self-review before performing a retest. Failure to obtain a “Pass” on the retest will result in Academic probation. Student must contact a Academy Director within 3 days to schedule a retest date and time. The retest date and time is dependant upon availability of facilities and staff. Failure to obtain a “Pass” on the Academy Director retest will result in an academic withdrawal from the Academy.

Students will be evaluated on the following skills: SCBE, PPE, Ropes, Ladders, Hose, Gurney.


No student will be allowed to graduate if:

  1. They miss more than 5% of the Academy Core Classes.
  2. They miss more than 10% of the total Academy hours.

The academy meets one night a week for 4 hours and approximately every other Saturday for 8 hours.

For more information on becoming a volunteer firefighter, please call station 61 at (530) 333-4111.

Download the Volunteer Application

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