If you are building a home, outbuilding, or doing some renovating, El Dorado County may need you to have Georgetown Fire sign off on your Residential Plans. In order to do so, the District need some information and copies of your plans. You may download the Information Form below. Please keep the following guidelines in mind while planning your construction. For more information, please contact Engineer Corinne Staves or call (530) 333-4111.

Residential Plans Guidelines:

  • Roadway width is at least 20 feet wide
  • Roadway to driveway along the owners property line is improved to current standards
  • Roadway and driveway grades do not exceed 16%, is suitable surface to support 75,000 pounds of vehicle weight, road designed to meet AASHTO-O 20 data
  • Driveways are a minimum of 12 feet wide and unobstructed to a height of 15 feet
  • Driveways in excess of 150 feet in length shall provide a turnout midway along the length of the driveway
  • Driveways shall provide a turnaround within 50 feet of the new building
  • Elevations:
  • Below 3,000 feet: roadway surface improvement required above 16%
  • Above 3,000 feet: roadway surface improvement required above 12%
  • Gated entrances shall be at least 2 feet wider than the road width
  • Unobstructed access for gate to roadway setback of at least 30 feet
  • Road name identification with a permanent, contrasting, reflective sign
  • Fuel modifications 15 feet on either side of property owner’s driveways and roadways
  • Premise identification for address plainly visible from roadway
  • Emergency fire suppression water is provided by:
  • GDPUD fire hydrant (>500-gpm) no more than 1,000 feet from building
  • Stored on site with appropriate/required access/required plumbing for fire apparatus use; Fire Chief must approve each plan
  • Complete fire sprinkler system designed with engineers data and stamp
  • Two (2) copies of site plan provided to Georgetown Fire District, each stamped upon approval – one for Fire District, one for EDC Building Department

Download the Residential Plans Information Form

Download the El Dorado County Design Standards