If your property is on the local water system, it is facilitated by either Georgetown Public Utility District, Bear State Water or the Quintette Water Board, depending on where you are. For independent water supplies, El Dorado County provides some Guidelines for minimum safety standards in regards to fire sprinklers and fire fighting. For more information, please contact the FD @ (530) 333-4111.

Business License Certification Statement

Businesses in Georgetown change hands. If your business has experienced no significant changes, you may not need to have it inspected. However, if any of the following have occurred, you will need to schedule an inspection with one of our Staff. For more information, please contact Engineer Corinne Staves or call (530) 333-4111.

Changes that would require a site inspection include but are not limited to:

Changes made to building exits (means of egress)
Movement or separation of any interior walls
Changes in high-piled storage
Changes in equipment and chemicals used in the course of doing business
Changes to the fire sprinkler, alarm system, and/or fixed protection system
Changes to the electrical panel of a fire protection system(s)
Changes to the location and/or access to the key safe (KnoxBox©)
Changes to the location and/or access to the fire hydrant and/or FDC
Changes to the location and/or access to the fire lanes (gates)
Changes in storage and/or processes involving hazardous materials/waste

Download the Business License Certification Statement

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