The Georgetown Fire Department encourages the use of 911 for all types of emergencies

The Georgetown Fire Department has noticed an increase in the use of Social Media for notification of emergencies.  Calling 911 is the best way for anyone to call for help during an emergency.  Calling 911 during an emergency can provide your fire department and or the Sheriff’s Office with additional information.  911 provides immediate location information and a good source for a call back if we need more information.

Don’t assume someone has already called 911.  If they have, you may have information the original caller did not have.  If not, you may be saving a life or someone’s property.

If you are concerned about or experience poor cell service, come to any Georgetown Fire Station and use our emergency call boxes at the front of each fire station.  The call boxes automatically call 911 for you, no cell service is needed. Calling 911 gets you the closest most appropriate units responding.  Not necessarily the ones from your fire station.

We need your help to know about, get to, and handle all the different types of emergencies we experience in our community.  We are your Fire Department.

Fire Chief Glenn Brown
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