The Georgetown Fire Department continues to stand by our community during COVID-19

The Georgetown Fire Department has put in place safety precautions during the COVID 19, Corona Virus situation.

  • As we continue to navigate through the COVID 19/Corona Virus Issue, the Georgetown Fire Department asked for your understanding and your prayers.
  • We have locked down our stations and ask that you do not visit.  If you have an emergency CALL 911, do not come to the station.
  • Understand that if we come to you, we will look different.  We will be wearing face masks.  We may be wearing a gown and safety goggles.  We will ask that you put on a mask for everyone’s safety as well.  Only one of us will come into your home to evaluate before inviting other crew members.  We will limit the number of crew members to only those needed, some of us will remain outside for the entire incident.
  • If you see us outside of our stations, we will practice social distancing “minimum of six feet separation.”
  • Check our website,, for updates or access to El Dorado County’s website regarding COVID 19.
  • Encourage your kids to participate in our “Safety Coloring Contest” from our website.
  • Citizens can call “211” to access El Dorado County’s COVID 19/Corona Virus information line.
  • We want to thank our amazing community.  You have kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  You have made and donated masks to us.  You have donated N95 masks that you purchased to us.  You are truly amazing and why we continue to want to provide service to Georgetown every day.

Firefighters Gregory and Lugo model full medical protective gear
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